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Winter programme


The school is the first to let riders experience how many champions of Road Race and Flattrack train, honing their skills having fun on dirt bikes around flat dirt ovals .

Winter programme

This year we have been running the school at a fantastic outdoor track, with a great surface for getting down a blue groove. However that means that we have now come to the time of year when the weather affects the running of the school, on both a safety and enjoyment level, and we have to take a break for the winter. 

In the past we have run indoors at an equestrian facility during the winter months, which meant we could run all year round and we are currently looking for a similar venue for this year (but in the main horses and bikes don't mix), so there is a slight possibility that we may be able to run some courses from January onwards. If we are unsuccessful in securing an indoor arena it will be next year before we can start to take bookings for the outdoor courses again but if you would like to register for updates, you will be able to get the jump when dates are released. 

We are also able to offer gift vouchers for Christmas, which can be used any time during 2015 and can be purchased for any amount towards the cost of a day's training. 
So if you're keen to have a go, (more info on the school below) please get back to us to go on our mailing list, when we can inform you of:-
winter dates if we are able to find a suitable indoor venue
spring/summer 2015 dates for outdoor training
arrange a gift voucher

Contact us at on 01673 878426 or at


Our intructors will take you through class room sessions,body postion,backing the bike in on the rear brake,getting the bike low in the turns and throttle control sliding out of the bends.There will be min 3 hours of riding and we provide the bikes.

Instructors include:-
Steve Plater (TT winner and Britsh Champion)
Ben Wilson (Britsh Supersport rider for Gearlink Kawasaki)
Peter Boast 
(2009 British & European Flattrack Champion).

Taylor Mackensie (British Supersport rider for Tyco-Suzuki) ..

We have successfully run our schools indoors for quite some time now, but as we do not have access to the arena at the moment and with demand still being high, we are running private sessions at the TCR Ranch, near Lincoln, a clay based track, perfect for getting a blue groove down, where Sam and Alex Lowes and Guy Martin train during the week on flattrack bikes. The beauty of running there is that we can run smaller groups, more frequently, giving you a better choice of dates. We will run with a minimum of two and a maximum of four customers on the day, along with one instructor. You can book in singly and share the date with others, or you can book with a couple of mates and we will attempt to get the best date to suit you. 
We will take you through body position, backing the bike in on the rear brake, getting low in the turns and throttle control sliding out of the bends. For for returning customers ( or those with slightly differing needs) , we will be able to offer advanced training, tailored to you as we won't have to wait for 16 people wanting the same thing.
The cost of the days will be slightly more expensive at £150 pp, as insurance costs don't work out as cost effective with smaller groups but hopefully this will be balanced by the convenience of a greater choice of dates and more flexibilty of training possible.
The sessions will be a full day and as per our other schools and you will need to bring your own protective clothing - ( anything from full leathers, kevlar and goretex clothing, through to MX gear with back protection), boots - road, mx, helmet - full or open face and gloves, basically, whatever you generally ride in and are comfortable in should be ok, although with something flimsy like mx gear we do insist on back protection. 
We provide the steel shoes, (a generic type which fit over any boots), along with the flat track bikes, track and training in small groups offering a high ratio of instructors to pupils, with loads of track time.
We now have a list of available dates for the next few months (listed below) which we hope will cover most eventualites but if you have a particular date in mind and there's a group of you, please enquire as to further availablity, as we may well be able to arrange something to suit you.
If you are interested in taking part, at the track just north of Lincoln, the next step is to get in touch, then we can discuss dates, numbers and what you would like to achieve from the day. Either give us a ring, or drop us a mail with your contact details and we'll get back to you.

The cost of a full days training for Adults is £150, Under 16's £99.


training school new dates
Occasionally places which have been booked do come available due to cancellations, so if you can only make a particular date, it is always worth giving us a call to check or get put on the reserves list, or if you have a small group of friends who would like to come together, we may be able to add a date specifically for you, please ask. To book on any of the above dates please call the Shorttrack UK office 01673 878426 or email

To see a clip from youtube of the out door ft school please use the link below


If you're still not sure whether this is your thing, please read the customer feedback -
Have not stopped smiling, really impressed with whole experience, crazy amount of fun...

and the fantastic write ups that have been in MCN and online:-


If a passing stranger informed you that this time next week you could be sliding a motorcycle round corners like Nicky Hayden in the off season, you’d write him off as a dangerous lunatic.
Well, I am that lunatic. Because I am telling you, here and now, that anyone can learn the basics of this ultra-cool skill within about ten minutes. I have just watched 12 ordinary riders do exactly that (one of them was me). It was safe, affordable and ridiculously good fun. Best of all, it happened indoors.
For full article please click here

According to freelance writer Kev Turner 'I’ll admit to being a little star struck when I discovered my small group of four would receive training from none other than Steve Plater, a genuine legend of circuit and road racing.
Despite his success and reputation, Steve (oh yeah, first-name terms with a TT winner me) couldn’t have been more helpful. He’s approachable, funny and enthusiastic and exudes an air of total confidence that comes with riding at the top level for so long. Honestly, I’d have paid a hundred quid just to sit down and have a chat with him.' For full article please click here

May i just recommend Short Track UK , where i spent last Saturday as a fantastic experience. I was and am still  largely ignorant of all kinds of off road riding. I saw flat track antics in the film 'On Any Sunday' recently and wondered how one would possibly get started on such an alien activity. I could see the benefits it may bring to my road riding instantly from the film, but then when a mate recommended Short Track UK i booked on poste-haste. I have ridden for 15years on the road, commuting and regular track days, trips to the Ring and the annual homage to the TT (and / or MGP) plus touring etc ... and taken various courses too along the way. This however is the first time i feel compelled to jump up and down about a course. Mick and Pete are proper top lads and the day takes you from zero to hero. Hearts of gold and lots of friendly encouragement in a well structured format. They lay on a fantastic spread for lunch which gets tucked into on two other minor breaks too. Just have to take your own leathers and ACU Gold Star helmet. Get a bunch of mates in a car and get the full Monty for just 120GBP/head ..... seriously good crack and come away with a brilliant new skill, which boosts road riding confidence no end. 10 out of 10 rating.
Regards, t (Lichfield)

How do I start Racing?????

So , you’ve been to a few meetings , had a chat with the racers and thought “ I fancy a go at that ! …..but don’t know how to get involved , what do I do ? “

Read on ,and all will be revealed !

Riders will fall into one of categories :.

National Pro Class - National Number Riders only.

Restricted Class - ‘R’ Plate Riders only.

Novice Class - for riders who have ridden less than 6 meetings or a rider who has never made a Thunderbike final. If he or she wishes to be upgraded before the 6 meetings are completed, they may apply for permission from STUK.

Thunderbike Class - as tec rules

Mini Bike Class - as tec rules

Junior Shorttrack Class - 7-11 yrs old, 65 two stroke/150 air cooled four stroke.

Inter Shorttrack Class - 11- 14 yrs old, 85 two stroke/230 four stroke.

Youth Shorttrack Class - 14 - 17 yrs old, 125 two stroke/250 four stroke.


At the very least , you can ride a bike with gears and a clutch ! Great , then you’re almost ready !
There are 2 ways to proceed :
Buy a bike , get the kit and paperwork sorted , pay your money , turn up and ride.

Fine if you’re a Riding God , but in reality there’s a fair chance you’ll end up worrying more about technique and the sheer speed of your competitors than actually enjoying the experience.

Or Call Shorttrack Office and ask if there is practice day coming up or any training sessions. 

If you think at the end of the training session that Short Track racing is for you , you can then move onto the next stage.

The Bike.
Check out The Regulations (see regulations page), and decide which class you’re going to race in ( Tip. Thunderbikes can race in both classes , maximising your racing opportunities ! )
You can buy a bike ready to go ( have a look on the For Sale page ) or you can build your own , depending on your mechanical ability of course.
A Moto-X , Enduro or Supermoto bike can easily be adapted to race in the Short Track class . Check out the Suppliers section for equipment that you will need.

Alternatively , a Thunderbike  can be built pretty much from scratch .  can be a useful resource .

Tip. Type in a variety of key words or phrases individually in the search function , such as
“Flat Track “, “Flat Tracker” ,“Dirt Track “, “ Dirt Tracker “, also “Project”,” Spares” and “Repairs” , some listers may use some but not all of these words so it opens up your options to try lots of searches,Try in both Motorcycles and Scooters for Sale  AND Motorcycle Parts and Accessories as some useful equipment can get listed in the wrong category. Remember also that what a vendor may consider to be a hopeless  basket case incapable of passing an MOT may be exactly what you’re after .

Riding Gear
An ACU approved helmet , one piece or zip together leathers , or Moto-X kit are a must . Get the best that your budget will run to . Similarly , gloves and boots
will have to be presented for inspection before you go out at each meeting , and therefore should be up to scratch. Remember , if you do come off ( and you will )
your kit is the only thing between yourself and the track , hot engines and spinning wheels !

Paperwork and Registration

In 2013 the Flat Track Club racing scene in the UK will be run by the Dirt Track Riders Association, so for any budding new riders or already established riders wishing to ride in the summer months, this is the route to go, so follow the links to the DTRA website below.....